Introducing the new 48Ch Shift Register Arduino Shield!

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The Arduino 48 Channel Shift Register Expander Shield is a cool new shield that expands the Outputs of an Arduino by an extra 48 pins! It does this by utilising 6 x 74HC595 8-Bit Shift Registers! The extra Outputs are all off to the side of the standard arduino layout and aditional shields can be plugged ontop of this one to further expand the functionality.

Click through to view more details on this new shield now available!


I wonder what you might do with 48 Outputs? Home Automation, Christmas Lighting Shows!
Maybe even couple this shield with the 24Ch Analog Expander and use it for cool room control or sensor logic! imagine 24 individual Temperature (or other) sensors controlling 48 individual relays! With hysterisis all written into your arduino program using two expandable shields from BlueberryDe! 🙂