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48Ch Shift Expander Shield for Arduino

48 Channel Shift Register Expander Arduino Shield


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The Arduino 48 Channel Shift Register Expander Shield is a cool shield that expands the Outputs of an Arduino by an extra 48 pins! It does this by utilising 6 x 74HC595 8-Bit Shift Registers! The extra Outputs are all off to the side of the standard arduino layout and aditional shields can be plugged ontop of this one to further expand the functionality. This expansion comes at a cost of only 3 I/O pins on the Arduino, for this we have chosen pins D2(Data), D3(Clock), and D4(Latch). For simplicity the expanded outputs are 2.54mm pitch and will come desoldered as many applications that you guys will come up with will likely have lots of wires to do your bidding and desoldering 48 pins wouldn’t be very fun! You can simply solder on the headers if you need them!


As usual we have designed this to be robust, with SMD components and all on the underside so as to limit physical interaction. The Shield can be used with the SHIFTER library for Arduino and this is available in the download section.


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